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Here is a tutorial for buying on the website.

First you have to get an account at

Once you have an account with PayPal you are able to click on the "Add to cart" buttons below all of our products on the website.

This will bring up a new browser showing you the item that you have selected to buy, you can click on as many items as you would like until you are ready to go to checkout. Each item will appear on the cart screen that you have selected.

You can then click on the checkout button and this will take you to a screen that has the total for all the items selected as well as a shipping fee which is added at the end.

PayPal will then ask you to sign onto your PayPal account where the transaction between the accounts will occur.

The "View Cart" button above is for people that would like to view their cart without having to purchase another item if they happen to close the browser. The "View Cart" button will always be on this page and also on the bottom of the product line pages.

If you have any questions please email us at

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